Automotive Management Training In Just 5 Mintues.

The Automotive business is being far more broad-minded concerning e-commerce and new ideas. each major manufacturer features a digital initiative live, it’s simply a matter of however way on they’re with it.

Do you know who was that person that cared more about you getting better
than you cared about you getting better? I’m Indy Ibarra, my name is Michael Gator, I’m the sales manager of Rincon Chevrolet in Rincon Georgia, we’re learning how to better train our salespeople.

Automotive Management Training

Your average trainer gives you a book and tells you to read it go home study
it, Tim makes you actually go and do it. I’ve been in this business for 20
years and it’s some of the best training that I’ve been to.

If you’re on the fence or undecided about going to a training course with
Tim Kintz, I’m going to make this very simple for you, GO. So do you have that person in your head? Great.

Hi, I’m Tim Kintz President of the Kintz Group and I’m here to tell you that
as managers in the dealership, we have a huge obligation to train, develop and motivate our people.

But chances are you’re a lot like I was, look when I got promoted from sales
into management, I didn’t really get any leadership training, no people
development training.

nobody trained me on how to train or how to hold one, it was pretty much how to work the computer, how to work my DMS, ADP, how to appraise cars, how to order cars, and then I ended up spending most of my day handling heat, ordering cars, dusking deals, chasing stuff around.

I did stuff all day, I managed things and not people. Look I know most of
you guys are being told the same stuff I was I was told, that you got to hold
training every day, you need to do one on ones, you got to spend time on the
floor, you need to get involved in every deal early and often, right?

We’ve heard that all the time, but then we look up saying, how am I going to
fit that in, when am I going to do that during the day? In High-Performance
Automotive management training, I will show you how to become a more effective leader.

How to manage your day so your day doesn’t manage you. How to hold effective training. Look, what’s the difference between training and effective training? Isn’t it results?

It comes down to, are you getting the results from the Automotive training you’re holding? And I’ll also show you how to coach, how to roll up your sleeves and help develop the skill. Training is all about giving knowledge, coaching is developing skills.

So when you walk out of the High Performance Automotive Management Training Workshop you will know how to develop your team into top producers. I feel like I’m better prepared to train my people, and be a better manager by having come.

I kind of did not look forward to coming I’m not great at speaking in front
of people, but I learned a lot and I want to come back. I love it. Don’t give
up on your team; always work with them so that you can have a better quality team to serve the salespeople because at the end of the day we’re here to make sure the salespeople earn a great living.

Automotive Training with Tim Kintz really made me come back down to earth and realize, hey we got to guide these people from step one, they don’t this every day, we do so let’s guide them through the process, let’s make it an easy process for them.

I would recommend anybody who wants to be a high achiever to go through Tim’s Automotive Training. This may or may not be you, but I hear this all the time from managers, they say they look “I understand I need to get better, I know I need to become a better leader, I know I need to spend more time with my guys, I know I need to become a better coach.

” Then again they follow it up with “we can’t afford it currently immediately at once right away without delay straight away” you recognize “my dealer isn’t able to pay the money” well it’s an expense you cannot afford to not have right now. Area unit individuals are nearly as good as they are going to get on their own.

You wish to urge here therefore you’ll flip yourself into that leader that coaches that mentor that your individuals would like. And that i grasps a number of you guys are thinking right now, “Look i cannot be gone from the franchise for each day or 2 days or 3 days, the place will crumble.

“That is precisely why you wish to urge to category, because being a good leader is not what happens once you are there, being a good leader is what happen once you are not there. If the place falls apart as a result of you come to category for 2 or 3 days, then you are not an excellent leader you are a great soul.

That is precisely why you wish to urge to this management workshop therefore you’ll learn from ME, learn from all the opposite attendees from around country that are planning to be in there. And you may walk out with a lot of concepts, more tips, and a lot of skills on being that effective manager and leader than you may ever get sitting at your table for three days.

you would possibly be sitting there thinking right now that, “I’ve been to coaching, I’ve gone to categories, I walked out and it absolutely was a bunch of smart theories…” look, here’s the difference; i am not planning to pay a each day or a day talking a couple of bunch of statistics or a bunch of theory.

This category is all regarding unjust things. This can be real skills that you are going to be able to implement. This can be all regarding the one on ones. This can be the way to hold a 1 on one, not “you should hold one on ones.” Look you all been thereto coaching that they said you must do coaching, you must be holding one on ones, and that they simply “should all over you” for 2 days.

No, this workshop is however top’s. You may walk out with Associate in Nursing action arrange of real-world belongings you implement to urge results currently. I’ve illustrious Tim Kintz for a couple of year and a currently, the guy is extraordinary. He is sort of an automotive commercialism bible.

I feel he extremely gets to you and brings out what you’ve got sleeping inside you. in all probability oversubscribed 8-10 cars a month and probably only created 4-5 grand a month. And so this Tim Kintz guy shows up and we start talking regarding closing and negotiating and that is wherever it all strikes a chord.

From there that terribly month, as presently as we left his category within the starting of the month, I made $13,000 that month, and averaged just over $1,000 of commission – one, 001.38 per car. Therefore I patterned that was pretty smart, and that gave ME my initial salesperson of the month ever.

One in every of the simplest things regarding Tim is that he ‘sup so far, he is old-fashioned, however he is wrapped up with the days, and he is simply got a ton of data to share man, I like to recommend him to anybody.

I might suggest Tim for anybody WHO is in position to coach their sales individuals to attend this course, and attend it currently. Look, you’ll wait. No problem.

Certain fully, wait. You’ll wait till you’ve got the proper team, the right individuals around you. You’ll wait till business slows down so you have longer to return. You’ll wait till you get that new computer program put in or that new code put in.

Absolutely. Wait. No problem. However the actual fact is, is we’re forever chasing the right team. You are entire career you have been chasing that right team. Business, it is not planning to abate, businesses simply recouping.

Which code, which laptop program or that CRM, we’re forever putting in new CRM’s, we’re forever putting in new code, the time isn’t right. Look, now’s the time. Take action. I am going to see you there.

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