Emergency Recovery Script: a Tool Every Website Owner Should Have

A WordPress user, no matter how experienced, can find themselves in a challenging situation. When that happens, in all the panic, one might not see a viable solution. But, it exists, and it’s called Emergency Recovery Script!

What is Emergency Recovery Script

When your site has crashed, you cannot log in or even get a reset password email, leaving you confused about what to do. But don’t worry; we got you.

In the case when the white screen of death has occurred, you can fix things with the free Emergency Recovery Script in a short amount of time. This script is created to recover your site in all situations that may occur. If you don’t want to mess with code or modify any files, this is the best solution for you.

Some of the common questions that may pop up are whether you need ERS and is it safe to use? To answer that, if you have complete access to WP admin with administrator privileges, you probably don’t need it; until things go south, that is.

Next, ERS is most definitely a safe tool; all its actions are not automatic, so you are in full control.

What ERS Can Help You With

Here are some of the problems that may come your way, which are totally fixable.

If some WP core files have been deleted or moved, they can quickly be restored.

Next on the list is a WordPress update that killed the site. You made an accident and added some files to folders that are not needed; they can quickly be gone.

While installing a plugin or even updating it, you killed the site. Also, when you installed multiple plugins and can’t get to the bottom of which one is killing your site, ERS is the right option.

You forgot your username, email, and/or password? ERS will help you regain site access.

More situations may occur that are not mentioned, but we guarantee that this script can fix them.

There is even a special feature called Reset WordPress, which is definitely the most powerful. This feature completely resets your installation without deleting any files, themes, plugins; it just wipes the database and returns it to its default values.

What’s more, ERS is constantly improving, new tools are added, and old ones are updated.

An interesting fact is that many website owners forget to include author boxes on their websites. This is seen as bad since author boxes help improve websites in many ways, and they allow you to credit content creators properly. But besides having author boxes, welcoming guest posts and utilizing under-construction pages is also crucial.

How to Install the Emergency Recovery Script?

Installing ERS takes a few minutes. Plus, this tool does not slow down your website.

  1. Start by downloading a fresh copy of ERS
  2. A password will be sent to you, and a completely unique filename
  3. Use FTP or cPanel to connect to your site’s server
  4. Find the WP root folder and then proceed to upload your instance of ERS to that folder
  5. Access ERS by typing in the password


It is up to you if you want to go safe and install this tool before trouble occurs. Our advice would be to do so!

ERS can fix almost any problem, so add it to your installation and be feel protected at all times.

P.S. It works best when used with WP Reset!

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