En Bloc Capsulectomy: What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Procedure in NOLA?

There may be some times when you get breast implants and you want or need to get them removed from your body. May the reasoning be because of health concerns, lifestyle changes, or you simply just want to get it removed completely, it doesn’t matter, en bloc capsulectomy procedure in New Orleans would be able to help you get it removed. 

What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Procedure in NOLA?

An En Bloc Capsulectomy is a breast implant removal. In this procedure, their aim is to remove the capsule in one piece while also removing some of the scar tissues that are around your breast implants. 

There are a lot of people who prefer getting this type of breast implant removal procedure because this procedure would help make sure that all of your scar tissues are cleaned and properly removed from your body since they would be removed in one piece. 

Aside from that, it could also help stop any of the other fluid, bacteria, chemical, and silicone gel from leaking out of the capsule that is being removed.

How long does an en bloc Capsulectomy take?

How long the whole en bloc capsulectomy procedure takes depends on the surgeon itself, but you could expect the whole procedure to last you about an hour to 2 hours. 

This procedure is going to be performed at a surgical facility where they are going to be making an incision under your breast. They are going to be using a technique that is delicate to separate the entire capsule from all of your normal breast tissue.  

Who is a candidate for en bloc capsulectomy?

Since en bloc capsulectomy is a breast implant removal procedure, the people who are candidates for the surgery are those women who want to get their implants removed. 

Women who have had their silicon implants ruptured have hard caps because of the capsular contracture, and women who have these sudden mysterious physical ailments that may have been caused by the implants are the main priority though. These are the women who need the surgery urgently.

How Long is The Recovery Period?

Your recovery period would depend on what your surgeon would tell you, but you have to allow yourself about 6 weeks to rest, before you could go back to doing all of the strenuous activities you were doing before, like lifting and exercising. 

Work-wise, when you are working in an office, then you are going to have to set aside 7 to 10 days off of work to recover. But if you are working a more active job, then you could excuse yourself for much longer. 

During your recovery period, there is going to be a recovery plan that you and your surgeon are going to be talking about before you even get the procedure done. Usually, though, it includes drinking a lot of water and keeping yourself hydrated, making sure you have supplements and vitamins (usually vitamin C, fish oil, amino acids, and protein powders), you are also going to be on a diet that usually includes vegetables, lean meat, citrus, and almonds.

It is important that you do not push yourself to your limit when you are going through your recovery period. Take it easy and make sure you keep yourself healthy.

How will You look after implant removal surgery?

After you get your breast implants removed, there is going to be some sagging, misshaping, and drooping that may appear because your skin is stretched to accommodate the implants that were put in previously. 

There is going to be some extra skin and you are going to have to reshape some of the tissues on your breast, so you could get a breast lift from your surgeon to help fix those. They would also be able to reposition your nipple and your areola to make it look better. Doing so would give your breast an elevated and firmer look.

Breast implants would typically be able to last you about 10 years to 15 years, and there are a ton of reasons why people may want to get their implants removed. You could either want them to put in new implants, or you could also opt to just remove them without replacing them. 

If you are interested, talk to a trusted and reliable plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with them, and they would be able to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns.

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