How to Reduce Your Pizza Shop Expenses?

Even in times of high activity, it’s crucial to make sure you can keep your profits up and your overheads to a minimum. Understanding what you can spend your money on is crucial for any company, however, knowing where you can get the best savings is even more important.

Portion Control

An excellent place to begin is to examine the control of portions. Given that food costs are the 2nd most expensive liability, after wages, for the majority of pizza companies it is sensible to control your margins. Be sure to be specific about serving sizes, as well as the weights or total of ingredients that are used to make toppings.

You might have to design specific visual guides for staff members who prepare the pizzas to ensure that they’re made the same every time. Moreover, it’s important to ensure that the staff members have been informed of the proper ways to utilize leftover ingredients, to ensure that food waste is not a problem.

Another alternative is to make pre-made pizza crusts and dough. They can be purchased either frozen or fresh. This helps reduce your expenses because buying or preparing items in bulk automatically reduces your purchase cost, which is something every business should look into.

Appliances and Electrical Equipment

When it comes to appliances, you may be inclined to concentrate on your kitchen appliances. But it is also important to take a look at your lighting since you can cut down a lot on your cost by controlling the amount of energy (light) that you use.

Make sure you turn off any unnecessary lighting, such as signs, when it’s not necessary to have it in use and to replace the lighting that burns energy with LED bulbs which will reduce your expenses and extend the life of your lighting too.

Moreover, the ovens in your start-up are major consumers of energy so, make sure you use them wisely and never leave them on unless necessary. Also, arrange your ingredients sensibly in the freezer, making it easily accessible so that the staff doesn’t spend hours in front of it to find what they need.

Remember, when you wisely use your electronic items in the pizza shop, you can greatly reduce your expenses.


Local print advertisements are costly but with a little research and effort, you could utilize your social media accounts to perform this task for you, and at a fraction of the cost. Don’t be scared to be your PR person and let your community know that you’re digitally based rather than through print.

Trends are shifting very quickly in the present times, and rather than adding additional expenditure to your expense list by hiring a marketing expert from the outside, why not learn it on your own?  What matters the most is that you deliver the best-tasting pizza and the rest, can be managed easily at minimum cost.

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