The amusement world of the future in 6 minutes.

Today, I want to talk concerning the longer term of amusement. Once I 1st went over to the U.S. to check-in the Eighties, MTV had begun to broadcast. As I witnessed the launching of MTV, I came to assume that the worldwide music trade can presumably advance and expand abundant additional within the close to future.

Amusement world

Once I came back to Chosen, I assumed why there weren’t any Korean singers that area unit recognized abroad and what would be the inspiration for manufacturing globally revered singers. Was it unrealistic to own Korean singers to be recognized in different countries even as foreign singers were praised in Korea?

When meditative through these queries, I started to assume why not that myself do. And in 1989, I supported SM Production Agency with the ambition to find and manufacture singers which will be acknowledged not solely in Chosen, however conjointly in different countries.

In time, the Agency became the corporation presently called SM amusement. Our 1st painting singer was Hyun Jin-young. He was unbelievably standard, however was trapped during a massive scandal – an event we have a tendency to all learned a lesson from.

Afterward, we have a tendency to discover and trained several artists like H.O.T., Boa, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, and Shine. To develop our music amusement and establish our culture technology.

SM amusement is presently answerable for manufacturing varied painting contents that area unit terribly triple-crown within the international market. Also, establishing future culture technology is one code of mine that has ne’er modified since the day I supported SM amusement.

Ah, you’ll see the word on the screen. The word CT was coined from the prediction that the longer-term might come back to spotlight cultural technology over IT.

Once you think about skills and technology, we have a tendency to accustomed have the talents to form good china however as a result of its technique was ne’er statute into the formal text; the ability was lost and ne’er passed onto future generations.

Thus I assumed establishing associate material possession could be a technology of its own. A technology or away has to be recorded sort of a formula so as to stimulate a replacement by-product formula which can bring birth to a different one that’s additionally appropriate to consecutive generations.

The solution given by this evolving formula ought to, in the end, assist the arrival of an additional advanced set of logics which will counsel additional adequate answers for the longer term.

All of this, I believe, is some things that ought to be passed on to future generations through a formalized, transcription. You ought to keep in mind that we have a tendency to aim to ascertain our amusement contents supported our culture technology.

Our technique doesn’t come back from some ancient text hidden somewhere within the mountains, however from a really open script that all of our workers will browse and perceive the instant they start operating with the US.

I want several of you’ll have the chance to browse it once you come back to figure with the US. And that I do hope this manual of ours becomes a guide for everybody and is traced, page to page, by everybody in order that it’s ne’er lost.

Once singers from my company realized their 1st overseas performance and gave birth and aspiring to the phrase Korean Wave, several foreign fans had the Korean flag button-down on their baggage. Foreign fans that came to ascertain H.O.T. concerts became terribly keen on Chosen itself.

When H.O.T. became one of the foremost admired singing clusters in China, the national capital became the Chinese’ most favored town to travel to. Once I planned on overseas performances for my artists in 1997, I aforesaid that the start of the longer-term starts after we all dream of constant issue.

We will area unit going to be admired and after we are admired, we are going to flourish. That was our catchphrase that basically twisted the conventions of society. Culture came 1st and economy second.

We have a tendency to debate on what was the precise opposite to the overall information of the planet culture returning when the economy’s growth and this was back in 1997. We’ve created a national whole a Korean whole – through cultural power.

Chanel, UN agency could be a member of EXO, is one among the most characters that elevated our brand’s stature. Due to EXO’s nice success, Chosen has witnessed another million-seller creator.

That has conjointly created the music trade far more vigorous. EXO is one of the most stimulants to the recent K-Pop fever that’s sweeping the planet. This influence is inflicting foreigners to be additional fascinated by this country wherever Chanel was born.

They’re turning into curious in its food and merchandise. Also, the area unit saying several of the fans abroad is setting out to learn Korean. SM recreation and that I have optimized our plans in advancing overseas supported the catchword “culture 1st, economy next”.

We’ve fractionized culture technology, or CT, into varied aspects: casting, training, manufacturing, and management. Through this subtle system of CT, we’ve trained the most effective artists and made the most effective content.

For a protracted time, the outstanding artists and producers, backstage staff within the show biz, and in fact, the trust and love of the fans gave birth to a cultural trend of K-Pop we have a tendency to currently sit down with because of the Korean Wave.

This trend has gone on the far side of SM recreation and allowed the whole world to focus their eyes on the Korean manufacturing system. K-Pop has currently become a word that symbolizes the gathering of “our music”. If so, what would the long run look like?

It’d prefer to claim that the long run is going to be the globe of A.I. and celebrities. The general public is often curious about inquisitive about fascinated by celebrities; they need to understand everything about them.

With the event of digital platforms, the way of life of celebrities has become content on its own that everybody within the world will relish. I feel this type of content is going to be way more distributed in the future.

The connection between celebrities and business entities can grow a lot of and a lot of necessary still. Huge information and advanced robots also will assume a serious role inside the globe of celebrities.

Particularly with A.I. technology as a result of its advanced communication mechanism – or chat-bot – can become avatars that may infiltrate deeper into our daily lives. Avatars that become a lot of specialized in every and each individual, can transform mutual friends or personal assistants.

This is often the large virtual world I anticipate within the future. There’ll be an associate degree avatar that may replace the “real me” to concentrate on bound fields that the “real me” has fallen behind and moved with alternative avatars to have interaction in current relationships.

The Republic of Korea is comparatively tiny in population however tends to own quite a ton of early adopters. Once these folks interact in the virtual world and possess multiple A.I. avatars, it’ll not solely render our weakness in population obsolete however additionally enlarge our influence to grade such as alternative large countries with way more population.

Future society, hence, is often delineated as a wireless, borderless, and seamless world. Development in biology, engineering, A.I., etc, is drawing the US nearer to a technological breakthrough at associate degree exponential speed.

Within the future, we’ll transcend from merely hearing or seeing music to enjoying cultural contents in an exceedingly virtual area seamlessly joined with the important world. Culture technology, in this sense, ought to additionally evolve to satisfy the stress of future show biz.

All of this, I believe, is that the authentic that means of CT. This evolved CT can cross the border between the important and virtual world therefore freely that it’ll stimulate myriads of chance in cooperative and crossover contents.

We have a tendency to shall establish foundations for a brand new world of recreation supported by this novel culture technology – a culture universe, therefore to talk. The cultural universe is the embodiment of cultural technology in future society.

you would possibly assume future business may need nothing to try to with recreation contents however the innovative technologies like bio-/nanotechnology and A.I. can revolutionize the approach the general public indulge recreation contents.

We must always assume on the far side the boundaries of various industries and collaborate to form a brand new future for show biz. I feel on a daily basis can return once advancement within the recreation sector and range of A.I. brain avatars become new standards of the national fight.

Also, inventive creative person Agency, associate degree yanks talent, and sports agency have begun to figure with our artists still – beginning with Super M and NCT 127.

I feel this new relationship with CAA is the start of building bridges between Asia and therefore the entire world and transcending national borders. I, as a producer, can try to create Korea the entry for each Japanese and Western culture from returning and in out.

So far, I actually have developed and utilized the cultural technologies I possess so as to step nearer to the present dream. Currently, I will be able to prefer to share this cultural technology with artists to determine the cultural universe along.

I actually hope everybody is going to be generous to convey US support to our products and therefore the culture business which is able to eventually become Korea’s core competitive edge.

Since it’s important to take advantage of the ability of music, I shall visit alternative countries – the U.S., China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. – so as to find out from their musical culture and successively, strengthen this powerful impetus we have a tendency to decision K-Pop. I hope everybody can extremely support our dream. Thank you.

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