Do you need upc for amazon?

Does every seller need a UPC? UPCs are the most frequent sort of GTIN used for selling on No, is the quick response. UPCs are widely used; however they are not necessary for every product sold. If you sell a private-label or handcrafted product, you may qualify for a GTIN exemption, which means you won’t need a UPC to list it on Amazon. Global Standards 1 (GS1) is a non-profit organization that develops and maintains global commercial communication standards. Simply put, GS1 is the only valid source for UPC codes for usage on Amazon. When using FBA, you must have an Amazon barcode or FNSKU fastened to your product packaging if you do not have a UPC associated with your product or brand. You can easily buy buy upc codes for amazon

The cost of barcodes from GS1 is $250 for 1 to 10 barcodes, plus a $50 annual renewal fee. The cost per barcode decreases as you buy more, but for someone just starting out, this might be a significant outlay. Applying for an Amazon GTIN exemption is a quick way to get your products displayed on Amazon that don’t have a barcode. It is recommended that you purchase a GS1 barcode in the future if you want to create a long-term brand, such as listing on various marketplaces or selling to a physical store. Keep in mind that these fees are only for barcode generation.

What are UPC codes?

A UPS code is provided in order to properly distinguish the item from the millions of others already on the market. Individual products sold on Amazon around the world can be identified using UPCs. Consider Amazon’s system for categorizing and separating products in its database. These identifiers function similarly to the barcodes found on every product in your neighborhood store. They are one-of-a-kind, and a quick scan will reveal the product’s identity as well as other pertinent details. UPCs, of course, have various advantages, including:

  • They assist vendors and purchasers in rapidly identifying and cataloguing each product.
  • UPC codes make inventory management and tracking much easier.
  • When products/consignments are in transit during shipping, it becomes much easier to trace them.
  • The codes make finding things in warehouses and internet searches much easier.

Final thoughts

To do business on Amazon, you’ll need UPCs. Period. Amazon requires a unique product identifier, which UPC codes provide. It’s essential so you can easily fill out the ‘Product ID’ area when establishing a new listing to sell. There are other codes, such as ASIN, GTIN, EAN, and so on, but UPC is the most commonly acknowledged and frequently used identification standard on the market. Using GTINs for your products is always a good thing if you’re an Amazon FBA seller. It improves the credibility of your products and makes it easier for customers to find them. However, there are situations when GTINs for your product are unavailable. This is especially true if you sell under a private label or make bespoke handmade products.

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