If People on Social Media WERE HONEST…..3 mints

Now, what if the captions that people put on social media were honest. That’s what we’re looking at today. The original one says “Single girls night out” But what it really should say is “Did I tell you I’m single? Did you know?” This is like totally a girl being liked, “ah don’t even look at my friends. They’re not even in the photo. Look at me! Did I tell you I was single?” By the way, these are all jokes.

 I don’t actually believe in it or do I? The original one says “Bubble bath time,” but what they say the honest one should say is “now you’re picturing me naked.” Actually, no I’m not. I’m imagining how much fun it’d be to play with those bubbles. How you get so many bubbles? It’s a picture of a burger and it’s like “just whipped this up super easy, you know? But really what they’re saying is they slaved, their days off on this and they’re saying I can cook really well.

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 I am wife material, okay? Like if you date me, you’ll be getting these five-star burgers every day. To me, I’m like that’s too much work. I don’t even want to be wifey material. So the original one here is just a hand and it’s like, yeah cool. But what they really mean is this is the only part of me that’s presentable right now like, I might not even be wearing clothes.

 I definitely don’t have makeup on and a brush? A hairbrush? What even is that? No chance of a selfie or social media. I feel like I’ve been there I feel like I’m like yeah, um I want to post something but I just don’t feel like getting ready so here’s something random. So the original one here says, PJs and puppy cuddles, but what they think it should say is look how cute I am.

 I mean she is cute but so is the puppy, so like cuteness overload this one says I ducking love you, and but the other one says, this happens the day after, Jesus Christ please never open this Yeah, girl! Yeah, One glass too many, and all your feelings just start pouring out. The original one says, so hangover, and what they think it should say is cleavage game is strong here on the floor.

 Like why you even on the floor? I’ve been hangover, I mean no I haven’t If I rhetorically, you know theoretically was a hangover. I wouldn’t just be on the floor; you know I’d be in bed all comfortable. So the original one for this goes, no makeup, And what they think it should say is look kind of natural I am?

I mean she is pretty. I’ll give it to her but literally, we know whenever somebody’s like, no makeup it’s like, yeah I’m still hot I don’t go out with makeup on. You go girl. You can do it. The original says happy Wednesday, and what they think it says there’s good lighting right here. I’d have to argue that there actually isn’t good lighting there.

Social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly manufacture and share content with the overall public. Social media encompasses an outsized vary of websites and apps. Some, like Twitter, think about sharing links and short written messages.

Well sometimes you just need an excuse to take a selfie sometimes you like to catch yourself in the mirror and you’re like Is that you? So the original says bored but what it actually should have said is I adjusted my legs four times before taking this picture. Which is so true on social media? Anytime I’ve taken a picture ever.

There are hundreds of failed photos for that one good photo hey right in the middle of her face well what it should really say Is I’m using text cover my zits. Same, girl I mean no, because I wish I knew this level of genius. You don’t even need to worry about zits. You can just use text all over the app put it all over your face, you’re good.

Can’t ever go in public I’m joking you could totally, go in public. Nobody actually cares. The original says lunch, with a really healthy looking salad and what it should say is, I took two bites then I ate chocolate. This is so my life, it’s like I’m going to try to be healthy and I’m like screw.

I don’t know why I just threw my lipstick. I don’t eat lipstick to be healthy, I just needed something to throw and I had nothing healthy around me. Point proved. This one says wine for a dinner but what they really mean is, this will explain drunken texts and pictures later.

 Don’t be surprised because you saw this. This is preparing you for the horrible things you’re going to receive. Sends back a snap and says hahaha what they really mean is, I didn’t even watch your stupid video. Well, fine you’re not getting any more videos of my cat then.

The original says Urgh work, so annoying, and what it should say is, not working at all, literally like on Facebook and browsing every corner of the internet Instagram whatever you name it. It’s on the internet. I’m doing it. Anything but work.

This one says so tiredly but what they really meant was actually got ten hours of sleep I just wanted you to see, think I was tired and I don’t even know what she’s going for with this one anyways. I think I’m getting sick but what they really mean is, I’m canceling our plans later and this is proof that I’m actually sick.

 Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses Oh, that’s such a nice little thing for that person to say but meanwhile, they just wanted a cute picture. They took the photo, walked away, and didn’t smell anything.

This one doesn’t even have any words like; they didn’t even know what to caption it. We don’t even know what it says but what they really want it, they just wanted to show off their shoes on social media. Shoes are new, they looking flying, you looking good, they go with her outfit.

How else are you going to show them social media? You need an excuse. Beautiful day outside but what they really meant was, I only came outside for like three minutes to take this picture and then I realized that the graphics outside kind of sucked, so I’m just going to stay at home and play on my pc.

So this original one says I’m learning more and more about myself every day. But what it should say, apparently. Again, I didn’t write these, guys, I’m just reading. I’m not doing very well since my breakup. I could very well be on the verge of a complete meltdown. Oh no Okay posts the quote make, my ex-boyfriend thinks I’m over him.

I don’t even care. I’m independent dependently dependent. Enjoying this delicious salad with my Friends Forever but what they really meant was, I spent the entire meal on my phone and posted this while she was telling me about her breakup Not Listening At All Rude, Got to listen to your best especially she be breaking up.

 She’s going through a hard time. This one says, so blessed to have such a great friend in my life Friends for Life but what it actually should say is, just to be clear this is my friend and not my boyfriend I am very much single, again not my boyfriend, okay? Not in a Relationship, We’ll just take a moment for our fallen comrade.

 How They, pulled this off but it actually should say I paid $7 for a drink, I won’t finish in a loud Coffee shop that won’t stop playing the demo a shock I don’t drink coffee, hashtag, did it for the picture, why Won’t you drink that it looks great actually like I thought that’s it over here I’ll have, some other good nights with great friends hashtag.

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