Should recruiters use recruitment CRM or ATS?

Recruitment software is an integral component in talent sourcing and making candidate placements. The right software technology has a great impact on the work recruiters do and the results they produce. Every year, new features are being added to recruitment software. But, even today, many recruitment agencies are still torn between using either recruitment CRM or ATS software.

However, it does not have to be either one or the other. ATS is great for tracing the candidate’s application journey in detail.

Nevertheless, if you are a proactive recruiter keeping updated with modern technology then you know for certain how valuable recruitment CRM is. So, while ATS is useful for recruitment agencies, it is important to add CRM software to their list of recruiting tools.

Difference between ATS vs CRM recruitment software

In simple terms, ATS or Applicant Tracking System is all about facilitating the hiring process. It starts with recruiters creating and posting job adverts, scrutinising applications, interviewing candidates and selecting the best talent. ATS manages the current crop of applicants. It focuses entirely on the hiring process, looking for ways to make the next recruiting process better.

Meanwhile, CRM or Candidate Relationship Management is a tool that optimises the relationship between recruiter and candidate. It helps recruiters nurture their relationship with candidates. This is useful for the long-term as the best and most suitable candidates can be considered for particular job openings in the future.

So what type of recruitment software should recruiters use?

Recruitment agencies who have ATS believe that the software is enough for their needs. However, for agencies who work with an eye on the future, it is crucial to incorporate CRM software in their daily work.

It is best if their recruitment software is a blend of both ATS and CRM.

Recruitment is changing every so often. Sticking to traditional ways of sourcing candidates will mean being left behind in the competition. What a combination of CRM and ATS systems will offer recruiters is an optimised way of talent sourcing, candidate management, creating reports and relationship building.

This type of recruitment software will ensure that the recruiting team has a strong software solution that enables proactive hiring. This means diversifying the way talent sourcing has conventionally been done. This means spending less time on paperwork and being more organised. This means being more invested in networking and relationship building.

Proactive hiring involves approaching passive candidates and spotlighting candidate experiences. These two factors shape the current staffing system. Working with a recruitment software that integrates CRM and ATS allows the hiring team to work focus on candidates and make better data-driven hiring decisions.

What kind of agencies can use this type of recruitment software?

There are various types of recruitment agencies in the market. The search for good recruitment software must begin with the understanding that different agencies have different needs. It is crucial to find a software solution that can cater to the particular type of services offered by the recruitment firm.

An example would be executive search firms. This recruiting is different from the traditional type of candidate placements. Executive search is focused on the hiring and placement of senior executives or c-suite level executives in high management positions.

Executive recruiters have a different way of talent sourcing these high-level candidates. The entire search process also takes much longer than the average recruitment process. Executive recruiters utilise executive search software that is designed to help them manage this search process

Another example is recruitment agencies that place temporary workers. They need a temporary recruitment software that can help them amplify their skills and services. Temps recruitment software must have certain features such as an online booking shift planner and comprehensive compliance functionality.

Hence, it is not about either recruitment CRM or ATS being particularly good for one type of agency. It is about finding a recruiting technology solution that can fulfil the agency’s needs.

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