Stress Shopping? Here’s What You Need to Stop

Online shopping has made the act of buying essential items convenient. You look for the items you need, add them to your cart, check out, and wait for the delivery to arrive at your doorstep. This is not a problem when buying essentials, but thanks to personalized ads, you also see items that the algorithm thinks you want, even if you don’t exactly need them. And because product listings are designed to be as attractive as possible, they become hard to resist. 

From here, stress shopping is born. When you’re unable to cope with your stress levels, you turn to this mood booster for some relief. Here’s how you can change this negative habit: 

Replace shopping with a more productive habit 


Every time you check your online shopping apps, drink water. This will help you stay hydrated throughout the day, while also preventing you from buying yet another unnecessary item. You can also get your friends on board to make this activity more fun. Talk about the rules of the challenge and encourage them to be honest about every time they had to drink water for their online shopping craving. 

Save the amount you would have spent


Get an unused container at home (don’t buy a new one just for this!) and delegate this as your saving jar. Here, you put the amount you would have spent if you had bought a particularly attractive product you don’t exactly need. That massager, that folding keyboard, or those colorful LED lights sure seem convenient, but if they are not essential, save the amount instead. The same is true for impulsive food deliveries. When you’re stressed, you may also resort to unhealthy cravings, and the delivery charges for those add up to a hefty sum. 

List items you already have at home 

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Now that most people are working at home, there’s that ever-increasing need to beautify your space or turn it into the best version of a workspace that will help you be productive. Next time you see an ad for an item that promises to serve that purpose, ask yourself which items in your house can already serve that purpose. Want those monitor lights that look sleek? You already have a desk lamp for that. Need a riser for your laptop? How about a stack of books? In desperate need of more planters for your growing plant collection? How about recycling the containers you don’t use at home? 

Treat yourself to free destressing methods

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Here, you’ll want to turn to your trusty face masks for some pampering. When you’re trying to alleviate stress, make it a habit to turn to something you already own, and perhaps items you bought in bulk that has saved you a lot in shipping fees. A one-time face mask online shopping will not cost you a lot in shipping fees if you buy in bulk and take advantage of online promos, and if you buy it along with your essentials, that would be even better. Designate shopping days for your essentials, use up all the items you bought during that time, and restock when necessary. It’s as simple as that. 

Destressing need not be expensive. To curb that stress-shopping problem, make yourself aware of the items that already surround you, and the purposes they serve. 

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